Tuesday, November 1, 2016

review: death steals a holy book by rosemary & larry mild

In the third book of the series, bookstore owners Dan and Rivka Sherman discover two rare books that were hidden away by the previous owner of the store. The books include a letter giving the finders permission to do with the books as they will, so Dan and Rivka decide to have the books appraised and restored with the intention of selling. A big problem with this plan occurs when the man doing the restoration is murdered and the books are stolen. In a secondary plot, one of the bookstore’s employees inherits a house, but must fight to keep it.

The primary plot keeps the reader guessing with the whodunit, but the authors frequently shift focus from the mystery. The many threads of Death Steals a Holy Book are a bit disjointed (they might flow better if I’d read the first two in the series) and never tie together, so that all of the subplots feel like distractions from the murder mystery.
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