Thursday, November 21, 2013

review: sweet nothings by janis thomas

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Ruby admits she wasn’t head over heels for her husband, but she thought they had a nice life with their two teenagers. After almost two decades together though, Walter wants something more with his coworker, Cheryl. Right after telling Ruby of his decision (and posting it on Facebook for all their friends to know), Walter quits his job and sets off on a yacht with Cheryl. Once he’s out of the country, Ruby learns that not only is her bakery having financial trouble, Walter wasn’t paying their home mortgage. Ruby’s doubly devastated, but her friends rally so that soon she’s taking charge.

From the main characters to the minor ones, everyone in Sweet Nothings was painted realistically. At one point there was a positive development in Ruby’s life that seemed a little unlikely, but then it was explained that she was a substitute and it all went pretty disastrously which created some believability. The incorporation of Ruby’s stressipes (recipes she comes up with while under stress) and her characterizations of people as food were nice touches to the fairly humorous novel.
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