Saturday, November 23, 2013

review: lighthouse bay by kimberley freeman

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After the death of her married lover, Libby quits her job and leaves Paris for the Australian hometown she hasn’t seen in 20 years. A tragedy had caused her to leave and created bad blood between Libby and her sister; so much so that Libby didn’t even return for their father’s funeral. Despite Libby’s hopes of reconciliation, a decision she faces could forever sever the relationship.

Although Libby is the stronger protagonist, her story is a little boring as the crux of the novel takes place in 1901 where the sole survivor of a shipwreck has come ashore in Australia with a valuable bejeweled mace. The mystery of what happened to the mace ties the two stories together. With the mace being so central to the plot, it initially seemed the story would be less than stellar as Isabella wants nothing to do with the mace because she knows the family of her deceased husband will stop at nothing to find it. Once Isabella reclaims the mace, Lighthouse Bay really picks up to become a fascinating tale.
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