Tuesday, June 18, 2013

review: dirty little secret by jennifer echols

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Bailey is spending the summer between high school and college living with her grandfather because her parents are off working on the singing career of Bailey’s younger sister—the younger sister who used to be a duet with Bailey. The label only wanted Julie, so Bailey’s parents have forbidden her to perform for fear the media will discover Bailey got left behind. Bailey’s 18 so she could do what she wants, but they’ve hung her college tuition over her head. However, Bailey’s grandfather gets her a gig performing at the mall with people who impersonate artists like Elvis and Dolly Parton. While working with one of those groups, Bailey meets Sam, who convinces her to play with his band. Bailey’s issues are pretty apparent, but Sam’s are not so obvious. Throughout Dirty Little Secret the two constantly come together and unravel.

I loved Bailey for being a headstrong protagonist who doesn’t lose her mind just because a boy likes her. I appreciated Bailey’s moxie at every turn. It’s clear that Bailey’s going to be fine even though she would do better with support from her family. Perhaps that was why the romance was a bit lacking. Bailey just never seemed as into Sam as some of the plotting seemed to indicate she should be.
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