Monday, June 10, 2013

review: crime of privilege by walter walker

After intervening in Kendrick Powell’s rape by the Gregory cousins, George Becket finds himself torn between the power of the influential political family of the boys and the very wealthy father of the girl. George tries to stay neutral, but he constantly finds himself in the middle as he goes to law school and eventually takes a job in the district attorney’s office on Cape Cod where the Gregory’s are suspected of covering up the murder of a young woman who attended a party at the Gregory home.

The intrigue is nonstop in Crime of Privilege. With so much misdirection at the hands of the others involved in the potential cover-up of Heidi Telford’s murder, the reader is put into the same position as George who never knows who to trust. It’s a brilliantly written mystery that had me guessing at the truth even as the story concluded. That’s not to say it’s not a satisfying ending; Walter Walker intends to leave you wondering if the truth can ever be known when people of so much privilege are involved.
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