Thursday, May 9, 2013

review: the tao of martha by jen lancaster

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When I read Jen Lancaster’s first memoir, I laughed heartily throughout. The same was true for her second memoir. I also enjoyed her foray into fiction. I went to her book signings and discovered Lancaster was just as funny in person. So when she shared some great stories from her forthcoming memoir on trying to live like Martha Stewart during her tour for Jeneration X, I knew it was one I was going to have to read. Despite the hilarity of the Martha debacles Lancaster shared in person, The Tao of Martha just wasn’t that funny. Lancaster admits early on in the book that in trying to act more like an adult, she’d forgotten how to have fun; furthermore, one of her beloved dogs was gravely ill which creates a sad undertone for the year she documents. While The Tao of Martha still has the easy narrative flow typical of a Lancaster memoir, it lacks that extra something special that causes the reader to bond with the author.
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