Thursday, May 2, 2013

review: down and out in beverly heels by kathryn leigh scott

After falling prey to a scam, Meg Barnes is hard up but still prideful. Although her remaining friends (many of her associates dumped her since they believe she’s in on her husband’s scam) would surely help, Meg sleeps in her car instead of accepting their charity. Just as things are starting to look up when the out-of-work actress lands a pilot, Meg starts getting harassing notes and suspects someone’s following her. Despite the FBI’s continued investigation into Paul’s disappearance, Meg decides to hunt down her husband and finally prove her innocence.

The pacing of this comedic mystery is fantastic. Kathryn Leigh Scott of Dark Shadows fame beautifully incorporates elements of Meg’s acting life with her daily struggles of maintaining the fa├žade that she’s not homeless. Down and Out in Beverly Heels has perfectly timed twists and reveals to keep the excitement going throughout the novel.
Review copy from Amazon Vine.


  1. It does look like a good read! I enjoy a mix of comedy/mystery and think the title is great too!