Wednesday, March 6, 2013

review: mila 2.0 by debra driza

Mila 2.0 is a robot created as a means of defense for the US.  She has the perfect cover—a teenage girl—but she’s absolutely lethal.  But when Debra Driza’s outstanding debut starts, Mila has no idea she’s anything other than a teenager with an overprotective mother who has moved them to a small town after the death of Mila’s father.  It all seems normal enough until a car accident reveals something very strange about Mila’s internal workings.

This is an action-packed novel where the action is not passive, but begs to play out in front of your eyes.  And while there are some cute boys and teenage drama, Mila stands strong in her mission once she learns who she is, what her “mom” did, and the danger they’re in.  Mila is such a compelling character that I not only couldn’t stop reading, I am thrilled that this is just the first book in what’s slated to be a trilogy.  
Review copy provided by the publisher, Katherine Tegan Books.

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