Friday, September 7, 2012

review: twisted by laura griffin

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When the murder of a woman in a small Texas town is linked to multiple murdered women in California, FBI profiler Mark Wolfe comes to town.  He arrives just in time to intervene as the only female detective for the San Marcos police department finds herself in the middle of an armed robbery while getting dinner.  Unfortunately this set up Mark as the hero and Allison as the damsel for much of the book.  If Allison was in danger, Mark would rescue her.  Even when Allison didn’t need help, Mark exerted his will because he never really respected her as a fellow law enforcement agent.  He even went so far as to speculate that her position of detective was a matter of “small town politics” or being the “token woman” rather than believing Allison actually earned it.  And yet, Allison pursued him romantically.  Thankfully the romance took a backseat to the hunt for the killer, which was tense (the murders always occur on certain dates and the next is in a matter of days) and masterfully done.
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