Thursday, September 13, 2012

review: discretion by allison leotta

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After a stunning debut, Allison Leotta again amazes with Discretion, which was partly inspired by real life cases of high-end escort services.  In Discretion, Assistant US Attorney Anna Curtis ends up working alongside her boyfriend and fellow prosecutor on a case involving an escort who fell to her death from the balcony of a congressman.  The fact that a member of Congress was involved not only raises the profile of the murder, but also causes all sorts of investigative problems.  A former prosecutor herself, Leotta uses her knowledge of the law to craft how Congressman Lionel hinders the investigation by invoking a law intended to protect Congress from the executive branch.  In addition to the tightly woven murder mystery, there's also a bit of romantic conflict involving Anna and her boyfriend, who worries about Anna's safety while working on the case.  Although I liked Anna before, I really loved her when she followed her own mind rather than go along with what Jack wanted.
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