Friday, June 22, 2012

review: blind sight by meg howrey

Blind Sight finds Luke meeting his father for the very first time while there’s another big change about to occur in his life—he’s applying to college.  While it makes sense that Luke’s free-spirited mother would allow him to go across the country to spend the summer in California with a man she barely knows and hasn’t seen in over a decade, I found it hard to believe his strict grandmother (who he also lives with) wouldn’t put her foot down.  Yet, Luke goes and is plunged into the Hollywood life.  It all goes fairly well, but then Luke finds out about a big family secret.

Said family secret actually did come as surprise; I believe this was mostly due to my mistaken belief that I had already figured out the secret because the hints were definitely there.  Even so, the revelation came too close to the end for there to be any satisfying conclusion.  Other downsides include how self-aware most of the characters were and an odd choice the author made regarding the narration.  It took a while for me to catch on to why Meg Howrey elected to alternate between first person and third person narration while still keeping the focus on Luke; once I figured out that it was to depict Luke’s college essays and real life, I was able to enjoy Blind Sight. 
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