Thursday, June 28, 2012

review: size 12 and ready to rock by meg cabot

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Heather Wells is back!  The fourth book in Meg Cabot's series about a former pop sensation is set over summer break at New York College.  Heather is supervising her band of misfits (students who had no place to go over the summer) in the infamous Death Dorm as it’s renovated.  There's immediately some much unexpected drama when the university president’s son brings Heather's ex and his new wife, Tania, over to shoot an interview for their new reality show after their bodyguard is shot.  Although they initially claim the shooting was random, Heather soon finds herself in the middle of another murder mystery.  Heather is further thrust into the mystery when Tania insists on not doing her scheduled teen rock camp without her bodyguard unless it moves locations to Heather’s dorm.  So now Heather’s not only looking into who shot at Tania, but also has to figure out how to keep the male basketball team fixing up the rooms away from the teen girls participating in the drama-filled rock camp.

Although I liked the first three books in the series well enough, Size 12 and Ready to Rock blew them away.  Heather has matured and no longer seems so insecure; she really is ready to rock.  This time Heather (and Cooper) completely won me over, especially at the end of the book when the couple had an adult discussion about having children.
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