Thursday, November 10, 2011

review: deliciously sinful by lilli feisty

Lilli Feisty’s Deliciously Sinful is aptly titled. The setting is a family-run restaurant in a small California town. After the deaths of her aunt and uncle, Phoebe needs a chef for the restaurant as she is somewhat talentless in the kitchen. She ends up hiring the very-LA, very sexy Nick Avalon and the two have numerous romps in the kitchen as well as other locales. The book oozes sex on nearly every page. It was so hedonistic that I was quite (pleasantly) surprised to find a touching story interspersed. Phoebe has an 18 year old niece struggling to admit what she really wants in life as she feels she must stay home with her widowed father. Further contributing to the anguish is that Jesse’s been raised vegan, but wants to cook Julia Child recipes that involve meat. In this storyline Nick proves that he actually can be the responsible, settled man Phoebe wants as he mentors Jesse. The drastic difference in the two plots proved a bit uneven, but Deliciously Sinful was a pleasurable romance.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever.

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