Friday, November 4, 2011

review: damage control by denise hamilton

A scandal involving a political family is at the center of Damage Control, which finds Maggie Silver handling a case involving the family of someone she was once friends with. The public relations firm Maggie works for specializes in damage control, so they’re the perfect people to call in when an attractive young woman working for Senator Paxton is found murdered. Although the firm doesn’t know of Maggie’s relationship with the Paxton family initially, her boss soon decides to use it to their advantage and has Maggie focusing all her time on the matter. But as current lies and past betrayals are revealed, Maggie finds she’s in a very dangerous situation.

Damage Control alternates between present-time and 1993, which is when Maggie was best friends with Anabelle Paxton. At first it is unclear why the two are no longer in touch, but the entire story unravels with perfect pacing that adds to the suspense of some brilliantly tense situations. In addition to the family drama, the murder mystery is also incredible with plenty of twists that kept me guessing.
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