Thursday, December 17, 2009

review: tall, dark & fangsome by michelle rowan

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In a word, Tall, Dark & Fangsome is hilarious. Sarah is the best snarky vampire around!

Sarah carries the curse of the nightwalker, which means she the stereotypical vampire who can't enter someone's home without an invitation; oh, and there's that whole bloodlust thing going on too. Fortunately, Sarah has a necklace that allows her to curb the desire to kill, but the slayers after her don't care and want to eradicate all nightwalkers. Furthermore, presumed dead slayer Gideon is blackmailing her. He wants to become a powerful vampire now that he's been scarred by hellfire. This should make Sarah hate Gideon, but her inner nightwalker is attracted by his evilness. Since Sarah's already dating a handsome master vampire (albeit a married one), she's a bit torn between the two sides of herself and the man each one desires. Sarah's life is a mess, but her snark had me giggling the whole way through.
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