Tuesday, December 15, 2009

review and tour: the possibility of everything by hope edelman

Initially the imaginary friend of Hope Edelman’s three year old daughter was thought to be harmless. Edelman was concerned, but friends with children and the pediatrician assured her an imaginary friend was normal. Unfortunately, Edelman’s fears were soon proved to be warranted when Maya kept acting out and placing the blame on Dodo, who (horrifyingly) hated Edelman according to Maya. Despite this chaos, Edelman and her husband decided to keep their scheduled vacation to Belize, which included plans to take Maya to a shaman. Although they had some very trying moments and it was clear that the marriage was strained, the Belize trip turned out to be the best thing for the family. Although one cannot say for certain if the shaman visits “cured” Maya, something amazing definitely happened for the family while in Belize. I found Edelman’s story to be touching, remarkable, and incredibly well-written.
Review copy provided as part of a Pump Up Your Book Promotion tour.

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