Thursday, August 27, 2009

review and tour: rose house by tina ann forkner

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the “tragic accident” mentioned on Rose House’s back cover is actually a murder mystery. Lillian lost her husband and two young children in a car crash four years ago. Lillian’s sister Geena, who was having an affair with Lillian’s husband(!), survived the crash but ran away before answering any questions. The sisters only knowledge of each other comes through the aunt who raised them; then a threatening phone call forces Geena to get in touch. Now Lillian isn’t sure if the man she’s falling for can be trusted.

The beginning of Rose House confused me a bit; it starts right after Lillian has lost her family then jumps to four years later. The first chapters aren’t labeled as a prologue, so I initially wasn’t sure if I had just missed something when the jump occurred. That was the only misstep I experienced though. I appreciated how the details were revealed as well as how it wasn’t clear until the end whether someone really was stalking Lillian.

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