Monday, August 3, 2009

review and tour: the hope of refuge by cindy woodsmall

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When it is clear that her stalker has become even more dangerous, Cara flees with her daughter to Dry Lake, Pennsylvania—a place she’d been once before with her mother. Cara doesn’t realize her connection to the Amish who live there, but they know exactly who she is. Only one man, Ephraim, dares to betray the community and help her and her young daughter. Although Cara and Lori try to hide, they are eventually revealed and Ephraim suffers a harsh punishment. And that’s not the only turmoil for Ephraim’s family—his father is sick and his sister has relationship problems of her own.

Not only was this book well-written with a great plot that includes a bit of romance and mystery, it also taught me a few things. I had no idea that Englischers (that would be anyone who isn’t Amish) do interact freely with Amish people; I thought they were much more isolated. I was also quite surprised (as was Cara) to learn that they can have phones for business, but they are typically not kept in the living quarters. The Hope of Refuge definitely inspired me to learn more. The profile that ABC did reveals some more information (about the author as well who is interviewed), but I think I'm going to check out some books from the library.

Cindy Woodsmall isn’t touring the northwest, which makes me sad, but here are the dates.
Tuesday, August 11, 7 pm
Norcross, GA -- Barnes & Noble

Wednesday, August 12, 7pm
Nashville, TN -- Barnes & Noble Opry Mills

Thursday, August 13, 6pm
Plainfield, IN -- Barnes & Noble

Friday, August 14, 6pm
Downers Grove, IL -- Barnes & Noble

Saturday, August 15, 1pm
Grand Rapids, MI -- Baker Books

Sunday, August 16, 2pm
Grandville, MI -- Barnes & Noble

Monday, August 17, 7pm
Columbus, OH -- Barnes & Noble

Tuesday, August 18, 7pm
Pittsburgh, PA -- Joseph Beth Booksellers

Wednesday, August 19, 6pm
Whitehall, PA -- Hackman’s Bible Book Store

Thursday, August 20, 1pm
Newburg, PN -- Rachel’s Country Store (Amish dry goods store)

I have one copy of this book to giveaway so be sure to check that out!
Review copy provided by the publisher, WaterBrook Press.

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