Friday, June 19, 2009

review: work what you got by stephanie perry moore

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Take a bunch of clichés and mix in some bad dialogue. Add a dash of unlikable characters. Knead into the plot of Work What You Got.

Seriously this book was just bad. I’m quite surprised that the author mentions her own Greek experience in the acknowledgments. Maybe she had an awful experience? Otherwise I can’t really explain why someone would write such a negative sorority story. The Beta Gamma Pi members in this book are terribly mean and self-centered. The girl the story centers around (Hayden) is the most self-centered of them all. She completely ignores her roommates when they decide not to pledge the same sorority, she blows off the boy she likes when better things come up, and then she alienates all the girls in the sorority. The next book in the series focuses on a different girl, so maybe it’ll have more likable characters; I have my doubts that the dialogue or plot will be any better. I’m sure it’ll be the same clichés once again.
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