Monday, June 29, 2009

review: crazy beautiful by lauren baratz-logsted

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Crazy Beautiful is a “Beauty and the Beast” story. Aurora and Lucius are both new at school. They each need a fresh start in a new town. Aurora is beautiful and immediately accepted by her new classmates. Lucius, however, discovers that his reputation of being crazy has followed him. Of course, he had to know it would be hard to hide his identity given the hooks he has for hands. Even though their experiences are quite different, Lucius and Aurora find themselves drawn to each other. As with any love story, conflict arises. This time it’s from jealous classmates who tell a terrible lie in order to split the two.

I’ve enjoyed quite a few of Lauren Baratz-Logsted’s books, particularly the ones published by Red Dress Ink. The YA titles that I’ve read in the past have been excellent as well, so I was excited for Crazy Beautiful. I have to say I don’t think this one has the same appeal to an older audience that many YA titles do; it seems like it is more appropriate for the younger set. The suggested age is “12 and up,” but I would actually put the audience as younger than that, perhaps at age 10.
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