Sunday, November 29, 2009

review: the long wait for tomorrow by joaquín dorfman

The day after the football team tortures a friendless classmate, the star quarterback wakes up different. Patrick immediately notices the dramatic change in Kelly, but isn’t sure what’s going on. Then Kelly starts claiming he’s really his future self back in his teenage body. Although Kelly can’t remember what happens in the future, he has a sense he’s there to change something. Patrick and Jenna (Kelly’s girlfriend) try to help Kelly, but without knowing what event is supposed to change or even if Kelly’s story is to be believed, it proves to be a difficult task.

It took me a while to get into The Long Wait for Tomorrow. The threads of the story just weren’t connecting for me, but I pushed on in the hopes that it would come together if I continued. That proved true in some regards. There were still unanswered questions regarding Kelly’s story when the book concluded, but it also ended in such a way that I had a sense the questions were supposed to remain. I’m glad I kept with it as I did enjoy the book once I had some understanding as to what was going on. One thing I wish had been addressed earlier was the why of Kelly and Patrick’s (who is not a football player) friendship. There was a brief hint toward the beginning, but the full explanation comes so late that the unlikely friendship proved to be a distraction.

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