Monday, November 30, 2009

review: how to be a hepburn in a hilton world by jordan christy

Jordan Christy is fed up with the “Stupid Girls.” She wants us to remember the time of Audrey Hepburn and “take some of those graceful, sophisticated, old-fashioned values and implement them in our everyday, modern-girl lives.” The first few chapters are pretty good and provide some funny anecdotal stories. But then Christy decides she can give makeup and fashion advice. Although some of this is still appropriate, Christy’s personal biases really start to come through on these subjects that she clearly has no professional background on. She’s very anti-plastic surgery and the clothing store Abercrombie. While I’m sure many will agree that plastic surgery can sometimes be excessive, it’s not always inappropriate as Christy makes it out to be. She also should step inside an Abercrombie store before condemning it as the company actually carries a number of pieces that would fall in line with styles Christy deems appropriate.

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