Thursday, June 20, 2019

review: the a list by j.a. jance

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Although The A List is the fourteenth book in the Ali Reynolds series, it goes back in time to when Ali was still reporting for a Los Angeles TV station. Ali covered the story of a fertility doctor who was using his own sperm to impregnate patients. The truth came out when one of his offspring needed a kidney transplant. As The A List unfolds, Ali experiences many life changes (losing her TV job, getting divorced, and starting the life that readers of the series are now familiar with) and loses touch with the people who were involved in what turned out to be her final news story. But that doesn’t mean the doctor has forgotten about her or any of the others who he believes caused his downfall. Despite being convicted of killing his first target (his ex-wife), Edward is determined to have everyone else killed as well. His list, of course, includes Ali.

The A List was a bit slow to get started as it had to set up all the plot points and give a lot of backstory. Once everything was established, the story began to take off with Edward orchestrating murders from behind bars. It’s all fairly predictable though and relies a bit too much on the new AI, Frigg, that Ali’s team is using.
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