Tuesday, August 1, 2017

review: royally romanov by teri wilson

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In Royally Romanov, Teri Wilson capitalizes nicely on the mystique surrounding Anastasia Romanov and the rest of her family.  Rather than trying to create an Anastasia character, the questionable Romanov here is the grandson as Wilson imagines the possibility of Anastasia surviving and then living a quiet life raising a family in France.  But even Maxim is unclear about his background after suffering a brutal attack that's left him with amnesia.  His story (and looks!) hooks the assistant curator of the Louvre, an American named Finley, who just happens to be in charge of a Romanov exhibit in honor of the 100th anniversary of the family's execution. Wilson ties all the elements (the attack, the 100th anniversary, and the budding romance) into a sweet love story that's also filled with intrigue.


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