Friday, April 7, 2017

review: royally roma by teri wilson

Royally Roma is billed as an update to the Audrey Hepburn film Roman Holiday; unfortunately, Teri Wilson’s take is not quite as fun. In this version, an American named Julia meets a prince while working as a tour guide. Julia has been emotionally hurt by men before—most notably her father—so she’s leery of the handsome man who went on her tour of Rome then had no money to pay. As Julia and the prince predictably fall for each other, Wilson asks the reader to overlook a few issues. First off, the tour transportation is Julia’s scooter, which would be unreasonable for a tour of more than one person (Julia immediately asks Prince Nico if someone else will join them which would create an issue with the transportation. The scooter's clearly jammed in to match the movie even if it doesn’t quite make sense.). Then when Julia receives word from her employer that the man she’s with likely isn’t the one who booked the tour, she simply shrugs off the loss of her job and the scam the man just pulled and declares he must remain with her until he can make payment. This includes sleeping at her apartment. A more reasonable reaction might be to alert the police and try to get her job back, especially given Julia’s established wariness of men. Sure it all works out because he’s royalty, but it was all too contrived.
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