Thursday, June 11, 2015

review: thank you, goodnight by andy abramowitz

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Teddy Tremble and his band had one hit, but then their second album bombed and they were dropped by the label. They have all since moved on from the band of their early 20s, but then a picture of Teddy titled Faded Glory ends up displayed at the Tate Modern. This leads Teddy to also discover a small European town where the band is still popular. It all triggers something so that soon Teddy is writing songs again and giving up his law career to get the band back together.

Although the ending leaves something to be desired, Teddy’s journey to becoming a rock star again is a great time. Teddy has some amusing comments about the music industry and which bands are actually worthy of liking that reveal much more about him than a basic description ever could. In Thank You, Goodnight, Andy Abramowitz creates a believable life trajectory for all of his characters while hitting all the right notes (until the end) in a story that has all the highs and lows of relationships both romantic and platonic.
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