Thursday, May 14, 2015

review: blood ties by nicholas guild

A serial killer is on the loose in San Francisco, but he’s being hunted too. Inspector Ellen Ridley and her partner have few leads until Ellen bends a few rules. As a result, she not only knows who the killer is, but has a new love interest too. But knowing who the killer is doesn’t make him easy to capture. Walter is smart, charismatic, and has been getting away with murder for decades. It’s only when Walter’s son combines forces with the San Francisco police that they actually have a chance of stopping the sadistic killer.

The third person narration of Blood Ties works well because it allows insights into both of the leads while also keeping enough distance to not reveal too many details upfront. And it is the details that make Blood Ties come alive. The pieces fall together nicely with the two intelligent leads hunting a monster who possesses nearly as much skill as they do.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forge Books.

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