Thursday, February 19, 2015

review: the third twin by c.j. omololu

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Wowzer! The Third Twin hooked me right away. I raced through it because I was absolutely desperate to find out if my theory was right (I'd say I was about 60% right). Years ago two infants were found at a restaurant and the owner took them in. Unfortunately his wife took off, but one of the restaurant workers stepped in as housekeeper and nanny. The girls have wanted for nothing, but that hasn't stopped them from creating an alternate personality who's a bit wild. "Alicia" goes out with boys Lexi and Ava would never date and generally is a party girl. Lexi, the more studious of the two, realizes the danger in their game when one of the boys tries to take things too far. She requests they stop playing Alicia, but it seems someone still is. The boy who nearly assaulted Lexi is found dead and there's security camera footage of someone who looks a lot like the girls. The situation escalates as the police show up wanting to talk to Alicia and yet another boy Alicia dated dies in the same manner. C.J. Omololu has created an excellent thriller with high stakes and loads of twists.
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