Monday, November 3, 2014

review: when we fall by emily liebert

When We Fall focuses on two women with different lives living in the same New York suburb. Allison has just returned to her hometown to raise her son near her parents. She may finally be ready to date after her husband died a decade ago. Charlotte has a seemingly perfect life, but there’s plenty of trouble in her marriage. Allison and Charlotte meet when their children end up in class together. They are further brought together when Allison realizes Charlotte’s husband was good friends with hers when the three were at summer camp together. While it seems Allison could be a much needed solid friend for Charlotte, her presence has the unfortunate side effect of straining Charlotte’s marriage even more.

Both women were realistically presented as flawed though sometimes Allison was too na├»ve while Charlotte jumped to too many conclusions. Another downside was that Charlotte’s friends too often seemed like caricatures. Given how character-driven When We Fall is, the story would’ve been better with stronger character development; however, the plot was engaging and moved with a quickness that really draws in the reader.
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