Wednesday, February 5, 2014

review: accused by lisa scottoline

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The latest in Lisa Scottoline’s Rosato & Associates series focuses on Mary DiNunzio, who becomes partner as the novel opens. As Mary and Bennie discover, it’s a bit of a struggle to split the power, but they’re working on it. Mary’s first big assertion of power is to take on a 13 year old client with a trust fund. Allegra believes the wrong man was convicted of murdering her older sister despite the fact that he pled guilty and has never appealed. The others at the firm think Mary’s a little crazy to take on the case, especially since Allegra’s parents oppose it and reveal that Allegra’s been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder related to her thought processes. Even so, Mary’s determined to find out who really killed Allegra’s sister.

The actual case was very interesting, but Mary’s personal life was distracting. Right after she makes partner, her long-time boyfriend proposes. This leads to lots of drama surrounding the planning of the wedding as Mary and Anthony have very stereotypical Italian families. Most annoyingly, everything Mary’s father says is written in caps lock to show how loud he is. Thankfully, the focus is on the case which has some red herrings and exciting twists. It was also touching to see Mary, whose first husband was murdered, bond with sweet Allegra.
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