Thursday, April 4, 2013

review: forbidden sister by v.c. andrews

Forbidden Sister, the start of a new set by the ghostwriter hired by the estate of V.C. Andrews, incorporates elements familiar to readers of previous Andrews titles while also deviating from what had become the standard tales of abuse. Emmie has a superficially great life with supportive though strict parents; however, Emmie has only one friend at the private school she attends and she worries she will one day upset her father just as her now-banished sister once did. Emmie and her friend decide to track down Emmie’s sister, but just as they do, Emmie’s family is shattered with the death of her father and her mother’s sudden illness.

Forbidden Sister is not typical Andrews fare which was a little disappointing. With Emmie’s sister working as a high-class call girl out of a fancy hotel, I expected there to be a titillating storyline and a lot of scandal. Instead the plot moved along slowly through Emmie’s typical teenage world of dating (with only a little pressure about sex) and school cliques before anything about Roxy’s life as a prostitute came in. Even then there’s little danger for Emmie as the aloof Roxy turns out to be quite protective of her younger sister.
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