Friday, May 25, 2012

review: lucky in love by jill shalvis

The fourth book in the Lucky Harbor series shifts away from the three sisters and reveals more about some of the characters who had small parts in the first three books.  This time Jill Shalvis focuses on Mallory Quinn, a nurse who’s had no luck finding her Mr. Right.  The name of Mysterious Cute Guy from Head Over Heels also is revealed.  Ty Garrison is a wounded soldier struggling to adapt to civilian life, which makes him Mr. Wrong and oh-so-right for Mallory.

Although I felt the series had gotten a little stale by the time Chloe’s story was told in the third book, Lucky in Love completely regenerated my interest.  There are at least two more books to come in the Lucky Harbor series, but the latest is the best thus far.  There was something about Mallory’s closeness to her family and desire to do something more for her community that made her instantly lovable.  Combining those good qualities of Mallory with the mysteriousness of Ty made for a stellar romance, especially since he joined Mallory in her effort to start a community health center.  This fourth book also did well to set up books five and six, which will center on Mallory’s two friends, Amy (a waitress at Eat Me CafĂ©) and Grace (a newcomer).
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever Romance.

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  1. I'm glad she's branched out with the characters...I like to revisit that familiar place!