Friday, April 27, 2012

review: starters by lissa price

Callie and Tyler lost their parents to the Spore Wars that wiped out everyone who hadn’t been vaccinated, which means only the young and the elderly survived.  Kids like Callie and Tyler who didn’t have grandparents to take them in were either institutionalized or ended up living on the streets in constant fear of raids.  Money would make life easier, so Callie goes against her better judgment and signs up with Prime Destinations which will pay her to rent out her body to old people who want to relive their youth.  But one of Callie’s renters isn’t looking to have fun in a teenage body—she’s actually working against Prime Destinations.  There’s a problem with the merge though, so Callie is in control during much of the rental and uncovers the plan.  Soon she’s fighting to save her own life and the lives of so many other teens who just might find themselves permanently rented against their will. 

Two things made Starters really enjoyable:  the villain (though I wish he’d arrived on scene sooner) is completely creepy and Callie is a great heroine.  Even though her own life is at risk, Callie is always motivated to help her younger brother; she also finds a surrogate younger sibling along the way, which proves quite beneficial later on. 
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