Sunday, February 26, 2012

review: the secret sisterhood of heartbreakers by lynn weingarten

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Lucy has a big announcement for her boyfriend on the first day of school, but he has something to tell her too. So instead of having sex for the first time ever, Lucy has her heart broken. Alex was her everything (despite Lucy’s constantly ignored great best friend), so she’s absolutely distraught at his loss. When a group of older girls offer Lucy the opportunity to become a heartbreaker herself, she decides to use their magic to win Alex back.

I expected The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers to be an empowering story about teen girls with magical abilities who rally around each other after a heartbreak. And while yes, the "heartbreakers" did bring Lucy into their fold, the group was simply vindictive. Instead of empowering each other, they tore others down. And weak, weak Lucy yearns for the guy who dumped her throughout the book. Everything she does is with Alex in mind. For example, when working up the courage to sing on stage, Lucy thinks about how Alex isn’t there to see her, but that she’ll get him back if she can make it through the song. Exactly what is the message for girls here?
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