Wednesday, December 14, 2011

review: rain falls like mercy by jack todd

Rain Falls Like Mercy is another addition in Jack Todd’s books about the Paint family (it can be read as a standalone), although the focus is on the man who’s in love with Eli Paint’s wife. The events of this book take place during World War II, which interrupts a murder investigation in a small Wyoming town. When Tom Call returns from fighting, he is just as determined to catch the murderer who he suspects is Pardo Bury, the son of a wealthy man. During the war, Pardo went to prison in Texas on charges unrelated to the Wyoming murders, but now Pardo’s out and preying on women (and now men as well) again. At times the descriptions were gratuitous; I could’ve done without details about Pardo’s exploits. But the narrative was gripping as it set a murderous spree against an illicit romance in the time of war.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Touchstone.

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