Thursday, October 13, 2011

review: love you to death (season 2) by crissy calhoun

As she did with season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, Crissy Calhoun breaks down the second season of the popular CW show based on books by L.J. Smith. Love You to Death follows the same format (and uses the same title) as the guide to the first season with Calhoun providing a write-up of each episode followed by extra tidbits on the show in categories like Compelling Moment (something that stands out in the episode), The Rules (rules about the supernatural as put forth by the series), and my favorite Foggy Moments (inconsistencies and continuity errors). Interspersed throughout are actor biographies and essays on things like the use of mirrors on the show; after the episode analysis, there are interviews with “Mystic Falls” natives and some of the actors. Where Calhoun shines is in the essays, particularly a longer one at the end regarding doppelgängers (which Elena is and Katherine was until she became a vampire). With plenty of information on the show along with full-color cast photos, Calhoun has again created a must-read for fans.

One “foggy moment” of Calhoun’s own, however, comes in her essay titled Werewolf Lore. Here she states that Lycaon tested the god Jupiter and received punishment that turned him into a werewolf. According to the myth, Lycaon tested Zeus (Jupiter is a Roman god; this is a Greek myth).
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  1. The whole idea of including these 'foggy moments' does seems interesting!