Wednesday, September 21, 2011

review: love story by jennifer echols

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Love Story opens with a fairly groan-worthy short story written by the main character, Erin Blackwell. Erin is studying creative writing at college (a choice that led to her being disowned) and feels she’s a brillian writer. Having studied creative writing in college myself, Love Story was a great trip down memory lane; thankfully no one in my classes offered critiques like Erin’s antagonistic classmate Manohar! The creative writing aspect is what sets Love Story apart from many other young adult romances. It offers Erin and her love interest, Hunter (a late add to the class and someone from Erin’s past), the opportunity to talk to each other without talking to each other. Of course, that creates even more conflict between the two who already have enough problems since Hunter became heir apparent when Erin refused her grandmother’s command to major in business.

I gobbled up Love Story, loving every second of it. Just as Jennifer Echols created amazingly authentic characters in Forget You who reminded me so much of high school, she nailed the introductory college-level creative writing class.
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