Friday, June 25, 2010

review: what to wear for the rest of your life by kim johnson gross

It’s time to get a Style Mentor! That’s the declaration made in What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life. Kim Johnson Gross provides a list of her own Style Mentors, why they are hers, and what she’s learned from them. She then gives tips on how to find Style Mentors of your own. Beyond the Style Mentor tips is a collection of advice on creating a closet to last a lifetime.

I’m a big fan of fashion books (and magazines and TV shows), so of course I couldn’t resist picking up What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life. What I didn’t realize until I got into it is that it’s intended for the 50+ crowd; oh well, there’s worthwhile bits for all ages even if I didn’t relate to Johnson Gross’s stories. The stories do make the book stand apart from other fashion advice books. Some of this book actually comes from the author’s column in More magazine. Although the stories are interesting, they do sometimes bury the actual advice.

The best advice (in my opinion) comes near the end in the chapter about closets. (I have an obsession with closets; a bad bedroom closet design can make me hate an apartment.) Johnson Gross says, “If my closet feels stuck in a rut, it means that I am. That is not a signal to run out and buy new clothes, but I should take a fresh look at what I am wearing and why.” This is advice that I am going to try to heed.
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  1. I need some advice in this department. I am quickly approaching my fifties and I am lost when it comes to dressing myself. I'm not ready to dress like my mother but I can't be wearing what the young gals wear either. I'll have to check this book out!