Monday, February 1, 2010

review and tour: searching for tina turner by jacqueline e. luckett

Searching For Tina Turner is a book that many women will relate to and possibly even find inspiring. Unfortunately, it’s hard to garner much sympathy for Lena who acts selfishly, doesn’t accept blame for her own part in not fulfilling her career goal, and (in what really pushed me over the edge) hates her daughter’s cat. Lena wants to be a photographer, but believes her family is holding her back. Her husband asked her to delay starting her own career so she could take care of the family while he focused on his career, which has made the family quite well-off; Lena agreed. Now that she can work on her photography, Lena keeps ignoring it to do things like make dinner for her kids—one who is already in college and one who will be before the book is done. She doesn’t accept her own role in this or the fact that it was her now deceased father who derailed her plan when he refused to pay for college if she took photography classes. Lena gave up her dream long before she met her husband. But now Lena has decided to finally live her life the way she wants. She finds inspiration in the story of Tina Turner. Lena leaves her husband (and essentially her children since they don’t want to move), gets a job, and heads to France for a Tina Turner concert with the hopes of meeting the singer. It all happens pretty fast without much self-discovery on Lena’s part.
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