Wednesday, May 27, 2009

review: privilege by kate brian

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Privilege gives us the story of Ariana, a character from Kate Brian’s other series, Private. Ariana’s no longer at Easton with the other Billings girls; she’s been convicted of murder, but her family’s money has made it possible for her to stay out of prison and instead be locked up in some sort of mental institution for female criminals. That’s where she meets Kaitlynn, who tells her all about the rich girl who got Kaitlynn locked up. Ariana decides to escape and seek revenge for Kaitlynn on that girl, a Texan named Briana Leigh. She poses as Emma, who was friends with someone Briana Leigh went to camp with. Kaitlynn knew enough details for Ariana to be able to convince Briana Leigh she’s Emma.

There were so many twists in this story. Just when I thought I had it all figured out another twist came about. I usually don’t find spin-offs as good as the originals, but in this case I actually like the spin-off better. Some may doubt that Ariana’s plan would’ve gone as smoothly as it did, but I believe someone that manipulative could hatch the perfect plan. The one part I did have trouble with was the clothes shoplifting. I just don’t see how cutting out the security tag would work. It seems like a large hole would be left. I would’ve preferred Ariana somehow snatching the device used to remove the tags.
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  1. I thought this one was really good too. I'm VERY curious about the sequel.