Saturday, June 15, 2019

review: stay sexy & don't get murdered by karen kilgariff & georgia hardstark

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I first came across the podcast My Favorite Murder when it was shooting up the iTunes charts in 2016. As someone who loves Dateline, 48 Hours, etc., it was a podcast I quickly fell in love with and recommended to all my friends. When they began touring, I was so excited that I went to San Diego to see them since that was the closest city to me (I live in Phoenix). I’ve stayed a faithful listener, though my interest has waned as they’ve moved away from solely covering murders. Even so, it was great news that Karen and Georgia were writing a book about their experiences.

For people who have listened to every podcast episode and to their appearances on other podcasts, there’s very little new here. Their voices, especially Karen’s, come through in this collection of essays so there’s still the intimacy of the podcast, but it was disappointing to have Karen and Georgia simply give additional details to stories they’ve related many times before.
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