Friday, December 8, 2017

review: the vanishing season by joanna schaffhausen

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Abigail Ellery Hathaway was kidnapped by a serial killer on her 14th birthday. She survived thanks to FBI profiler Reed Markham, who rescued her from a closet in the killer's lair and then wrote a book all about it. Because he gained fame (and money) at Ellery's expense, Reed agrees to help when Ellery contacts him about the disappearances of three people in the small town where she's now in law enforcement herself. Ellery believes a serial killer is behind the disappearances, but Reed can't help but wonder if Ellery's experience as a teen has caused her to snap.

Joanna Schaffhausen's debut is absolutely gripping with some great twists that lead to a stunning conclusion. The details of the plot are expertly woven so that it all feels remarkably real. The emotions felt by the characters (both major and minor) not only feel appropriate, but also help push the story forward. Although there were a few things related to the investigation that felt a little inaccurate (particularly that no one would've known Ellery's history given that she would've had to undergo a background check), The Vanishing Season is an excellent tale.

About the audiobook: The Vanishing Season is read by Lauren Fortgang. Her narration creates the perfect atmosphere and her voice lends itself well to all the characters (who are easily distinguished between). The audio version was published December 2017 by Blackstone Audio. It runs 9 hours.
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