Thursday, November 4, 2010

review: what i thought i knew by alice eve cohen

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Page after page, What I Thought I Knew shocked. Alice Eve Cohen's story is incredible. How could her original doctor have been inept enough to not notice she was five months pregnant when performing an internal exam? And that’s just what kicks off the incredible circumstances surrounding Cohen’s pregnancy at age 44 after being told she’d never get pregnant let alone have a full-term baby. This one pulls in every direction while raising weighty questions about controversial topics. Wonderfully, Cohen never gets political regarding any of these issues; this is simply her story.

Among other accolades, What I Thought I Knew won Elle’s Literary Grand Prix; it’s deserving of the award. No words can truly express how amazing this memoir is, but it is one I highly recommend.
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  1. This story sure does grab my attention right away and sounds amazing. After your wonderful recommendation I will be reading it for sure!